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A Brief History Of Clinica Tepati

"A quiet tradition.” Through the years I have associated this phrase with Clínica Tepati. It represents years of commitment, resolve, tradition, compassion, and goodness. One can’t help but be impressed by the tremendous
idealism and energy of the undergraduate and medical students. It is due to their efforts that we can successfully
open our clinic doors every Saturday.

- Dr. Blanca Solis, MD
Clinica Tepati
Instructor Of Record


In 1974, a group of Chicano/Latino medical students and undergraduates from UC Davis began organizing a student-run free clinic that addressed the needs of the chicano/Latino underserved comunity of Sacramento. With support from the Hispanic community and the Department of Family Practice at UC Davis, the project materialized into Clinica Tepati. "Tepati," the Aztec word for "healer," became the symbol for a student effort incorporating a cultural identity along with a genuine interest to serve. Operating out of the Sacramento Concilio Offices, Clinica Tepati welcomed its first patients in March of 1974.

Currently, Clinica is staffed by a team of attending physicians in primary care. With the receipt of California Health Manpower in 1979, Clinica Tepati was able to acquire the services of a physician to coordinate activities and to expand the scope of experience for Clinica members. Our volunteers have always remained loyal to Clinica Tepati, and once in medical school, many find time and return to volunteer at the Clinic. Clinica Tepati is one of the oldest student-run clinics and has served as a model for other student-run clinics throughout the country.

Now, in 2011, Clinica has grown to provide a wide variety of services and is able to refer patients to local clinics for any specialty needs. Clinica also implemented a diabetes health education program, Diabetes Interest Group, for its patients; they can learn about diabetes and how to live with this chronic disease. We hope to obtain Electronic Medical Records within a few years, and have already adopted an internet-based system to keep track of our patients. We also hope to continue to expand our ability to serve our patients using the best in health care technology, while advocating for the underserved.


Source: Clinica Tepati Handbook

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