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"Clínica has been the most powerful experience of my undergraduate years . . . I now understand the serious need that exists in underserved communities.”
- Samira, R., undergraduate


Clínica Tepati is now capable of providing a broad range of clinical services. Many patient visits were spent helping patients manage increasingly common chronic conditoins such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. In addition, we frequently addressed acute health problems such as dermatologic conditions, women’s health issues, and other immediate concerns. As our patients’ primary healthcare resource, we also provided health maintenance in the form of preventive services, vaccinations and screening tests.

When our patients require healthcare services beyond the scope of our clinic, we are able to refer them to community physicians at discounted or no cost. We assist our pateints in the entire process, and provide interpreters to referrals when needed. We now offer our patients low-cost radiology and opthamology referrals. All of our referral services are made possible by the generosity of community physicians and resources. In addition to forging new relationships to offer more referral services, we are also working to ensure proper interpretation services are available to our patients when they attend outside appointments. Furthermore, Clínica Tepati volunteers actively coordinate and follow-up patient visits with outside providers to ensure continuity of care. We hope that in coming years we can continue to expand the range of referral services available and to improve our patients’ multidimensional care.

Diabetes Interest Group (DIG) - This year, Clinica has dramatically improved chronic care for diabetes patients. An Education workshop is held each Saturday at clinica for our Diabetes patients and is run by a Certified Diabetes Educator, Nutrtionist, Medical Student, or Doctor. The significant amount of diabetic patients that came to the clinic brought attention to the need for Diabetes Education, such that the patients could spend time to learn about diabetes, and discuss with other patients how to overcome the many obstacles of diabetes care. The Group was started initially as a study, however the possibilites of the program remaining in Clinica is very high. Although the final data needs to be compiled, we have noted that several, and quite possibly a majority, of our patients have benefited greatly from the group, because it has been such a motivating environment for them.

Source: Clinica Tepati Handbook

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