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Volunteering for Undergrads


Fall Quarter 2012 Undergraduate Volunteer Information Night
will be on October 1, 2012 at 6:10pm in Chem 179.

Our Clinic is strongly and almost entirely dependent on its undergraduate workforce to complete all clinic functions. Even though we would love to have anyone be able to help at our clinic, we would be unable to accomodate everyone because of our limited space and hours. Because of this limitation, we are only able to have UC Davis Undergraduates volunteer at our clinic. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience.

Generally, we accept applications/interviews during the fall and spring quarters each year, however, this may vary depending on the need for new volunteers. New volunteers during the school year are considered Clinica Tepati members, and do not have to re-apply. During Summer Sessions I and II, we like to give the opportunity to other students to experience volunteering at Clinica. However, these volunteers can only volunteer during the summer session they sign up for and must re-apply in the fall/spring to become a Clinica Tepati Member.

To Apply for Clinica Tepati Membership:


Click button to download application form .

Please fill out and send via email to .
Note: Current Application is for Fall Quarter 2012.
There is a minimun 2.7 GPA requirement for all applicants.

Attend a mandatory Informational Meeting. During this meeting you will sign-up for an Interview Appointment. You will find out the interviews locations/times during the Informational meetings.
3. Interviews will be held at a location on the UC Davis campus. Future volunteer application cycles will be posted in this website.

Eligibility Requirements:

Must be a UC Davis Undergraduate student enrolled full time.
Must have Monday nights free from 6-7pm for Clinica meetings.
Must be available 7am-5pm for at least 3 Saturdays during spring quarter.
Must be able to commit 5 hours per week for Clinic committee work.
Must attend an informational meeting and your interview, which will be scheduled the day of the informational meeting.
Fluency in Spanish is a plus, but not a requirement.

- Arrive on time for the meeting and your interview.
- Dress
professionally for your interview.

We accept new volunteers based entirely on a need basis. All applicants are given an equal opportunity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, veteran status, or disability.

For any questions regarding Clinica Tepati or about selection process, please tour our website or contact:

We look forward to meeting you!


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